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Wild Rose Draft Horse Futurity

The Wild Rose Draft Horse Futurity is a program designed to showcase the best young horses in North America. Fillies, colts, and geldings (foals of the current year), are eligible for nomination providing they will be registered, or notified, with their American or Canadian Breed Registries, and the owner is a member of the Wild Rose Draft Horse Association. The Breeder does not have to register the animal, the owner may do this as long as they are a member of the WRDHA.

In order to become eligible for the Futurity, foals must be nominated by the Annual General Meeting of the Wild Rose Draft Horse Association which is held on the first Saturday in February, for a nomination fee of $50.00. If they are not registered yet the dam and sire must be stated. A copy of their registration papers will be required upon entry of the yearling or 2 year old classes. Once a horse is nominated into the Futurity, they are eligible to be entered as a yearling, or as a 2 year old, or both. Owners may choose to miss the yearling year and enter the 2 year old year, or vice versa, without penalty.

If the horse is sold, the nomination into the Futurity goes with the horse, and they may still be entered by the new owner providing the appropriate transfer of ownership has been made and the new owner is a member of the Wild Rose Draft Horse Association. If the animal is owned by multiple owners, then one owner must be a member of the WRDHA.

2022 Wild Rose Futurity & Foal Show Information

2022 Wild Rose Futurity Schedule

2022 Futurity Results


Futurity Committee

For further information please feel free to contact any one of the WRDHA Futurity Committee members listed below:

Gord Ruzicka (Chairman)

Julie Roy (Secretary)

Darwin Krebs

Louise Krebs

Kristen Gordeyko

Chris & Cathy Laycock


Sponsorships are available for the Futurity, please click here to download a sponsorship package.


Download a Nomination Form

The cost to nominate an individual foal is $50.00.

Nominations close at the WRDHA AGM the first Saturday of February.

40% of the nomination fees go to the yearling purse
40% of the nomination fees go to the 2 year old purse
20% of the nomination fees go to the WRDHA for administration


Download an Entry Form

The cost to enter an individual horse in a class is $50.00. Only yearlings and 2 year olds that have been nominated in previous years, as foals, are eligible to enter.

Entries close on May 31st.

100% of the entry fees go to the purse for the class entered, either yearling or 2 year old, in addition to the 40% of the nomination fees, as mentioned above.

– The first part is a halter class for yearlings.

– The second part is for 2 year olds. It is a combination class that consists of three divisions. The horses are judged in a halter class, a rail/cart class, and a pattern driving class. Horses are scored using a pre-determined point system, and the horse accumulating the largest number of points is declared the winner.

 2024 Annual General Meeting

Our scheduled AGM will take place on February 3, 2024.  It will be held at the Westerner Park in Red Deer. 


8:30 am                       Registration – with coffee, tea and danishes
10:00 am                     AGM
12:00 pm                     Meal
1:30 pm                       Individual Breed Meetings
3:00 – 5:00 pm           Hospitality Event w/bar and snacks

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